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Brand Identity Design

As Engine Digital has evolved as an agency, so too has its brand. In order to improve our visibility and compete with other digital agencies above our weight class, we needed to create impact and cohesion across all branded applications. The new identity also needed to reflect and support our new mission to help our clients invent their future.

Brand introduction video

A system of glyphs
The solution was to build a brand toolkit based on a system of geometric glyphs. The glyphs act like characters in a pictographic alphabet and can form abstract patterns and expressions. We used the glyphs to create a font so that anyone could use it and customize patterns. We also had to create strict rules on usage in the same way writing requires grammar and typesetting.

Flexibility in colour and type
We work with a diverse set of clients in a broad range of industries, from fashion and lifestyle to fintech and cyber security. We needed a colour palette and typography system that could adapt to the changes in tonality and style for all our different audiences.

The TriGlyph
One of our core brand elements is the TriGlyph. It is a combination of the 1, 2, and 3 characters in our glyph font and represents what we call the three stages of the digital lifecycle: Invention, Creation, and Optimization. It is featured prominently in our communications and throughout our Vancouver office. Also encoded in the decorative decals throughout the office are room numbers on doors and the phrase Invent the Future on the reception walls.

Role: Creative Direction, Design, Custom Font Creation, Environmental Design
Client: Engine Digital
Year: 2019

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